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What is a Google My Business Page?

...and 5 reasons why you should have one!

What is a Google My Business Page EBook.

Well what is a Google My Business Page? 

They are a must have for any business that needs to attract customers from the local area. This guide tells what GMB pages are, and why you should have one. 

25 Facebook Live Ideas FREE!

Ok so I know they can be a bit scary, but Facebook loves lives.
They are the perfect way to connect with people. This freebie is full of things you can do now. It is the perfect time to practice, videos. If you don't want to go live you can use the ideas and pre-record them if you prefer.



10 point SEO checklist

This is a great place for you to get started especially if you are just starting out  with your online marketing. 10 easy to action points. 

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