5 Reasons why your Beauty Salon needs a blog

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

You may be thinking Do I need a blog for my beauty business?

I would say definitely YES. Below you can find 5 reasons that will be great for your business, helping you to keep current clients informed, and to attract new ones.

Here are 5 ways your hair or beauty business benefits from a blog:

1. Show Google you mean business with an outstanding blog

A great salon blog jam packed with tips and great information will send more traffic to your salon business website. A regular salon blog packed with well-written tips and useful information will drive more traffic to your website.

Why? Well Google really likes regular, new website content and gives credit to top notch content. Google will rank your Beauty business pages and your website well, when its sees this.

When Google gets what it wants you will be given a higher ranking for your site. The closer to the top of page one on Google the more traffic and visitors your website will get.

More visitors to your website will mean more new clients.

2. They are great for your current Salon clients.

As well as Google loving a good blog, so will your salon clients. Sharing your knowledge, answering client questions and offering tips and advice will be enjoyed by your clients.

Your knowledge and expertise will help you to share tips, tricks and trends etc about the Hair and Beauty industry. This will help to build trust for your salon and your team, showing your salon is well established and has a great reputation.

3. Blogs also help to attract new clients

Every salon business owner needs new clients. They are important to replace those that stop coming for one reason or another. It does not matter how successful you are, new clients are always needed.

A great blog as shown above shows your expertise, and is great for enticing competitors’ clients to visit your website or social media. Remember to link from one blog to another. Consuming more content really helps to build more trust. Also make sure there are links to show more about specific treatments or product mentioned in the blogs, and of course instructions on how to get booked in.

4. Don’t just write it and leave it there!

Reuse your Beauty Blog all through your marketing, when you have spent time writing make sure you use it.

As already mentioned you need links through your blogs to get people to consume more of your content. But to help people find your blogs make sure you link to it as well. Post links from your social media and newsletters, perhaps create a printed copy to have in a salon folder in reception. Copy sections of it into your social media posts, or even all of it occasionally, you could even use the content in your videos. A blog post isn’t just something for your hair or beauty website. It’s re-usable content to use throughout your online and offline marketing.

Because it is written by you, it is yours to use as and when you like. Go and get those links shared everywhere you can.

5. A salon blog is the perfect place to build your brand

Blogging helps you to show off your salon and your team, adding a personal touch to your website and marketing. When done correctly it shows what potential clients should expect.

Adding blogging to your salon marketing is essential

But don’t get dragged down thinking about creating all of that content. Start off by creating 1 blog a month and build from there. 1 a week is an ideal target, but more would be great. Get your team involved either helping with topics or actually writing them. Besides time and commitment, a good blogger needs strong writing skills, perseverance and some knowledge of salon search engine optimisation (SEO).

Need help? You could get someone to copy read your content, or do a bit of SEO work on it for you. You could get someone to write the whole piece if you prefer. If you are considering outsourcing pop me over an email

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