Do I need a website for my shop or boutique?

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Do I need a Website for my Shop? Do I need a website for my boutique? Do I need a website for my gift shop? Why can’t I just use Facebook and Instagram?

Do I need a website?
Can I just stick with Social Media?

I get asked these questions a lot, I also see it being asked in the various groups that I am in on Facebook.

Ok, so you get most of your enquiries from Facebook now, are these people your ideal clients? Are they the people you want? If so that’s great, but what happens if Facebook is shut down. What happens if your account gets hacked or even closed? How do you contact your current customers then? How do you find new ones? The same goes for Instagram and any other social media platforms for that matter. You do not own them, you have very little control over them. Things are changing all the time. Increasingly you will have to pay to be seen, can you afford to do that?

This is one reason why you need a website....

Perhaps you have been trying to get business from Facebook and it’s not working that well for you. The people on there are not really your type of client or customer. Where else can you go? You need a website to attract those people who are not on Facebook or other social media. The people who still do Google searches. They are often quite different people, different ages and classes. Not having a website might mean that you miss them completely.

A website is your business brochure, a place to show off everything that you do. Shows people what to expect, your staff and your shop etc. You can add online bookings, online shops and testimonials. Making things really easy for your potential clients to find out what they need to know.

Websites make you look more professional and help to build trust in your business. Having a blog is great for your search rankings, but is also good to show that are knowledgeable and an expert in your field. People will search in Google and other search engines using their mobile phones. They can search their local area and you need to be the first to pop up.

I have another blog that may be of interest to help you move up the search engine rankings. Take a look at my Keywords blog.

So when people ask me do I need a website for their Beauty Salon, shop or boutique, I always say yes. It does not have to cost a fortune, it can be something that you build on as your business progresses. There are lots of little tweaks you can do to make the most of your little website.

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If you already have a website, you might think that it could be working better. I have a great little checklist that you can use to work through the basics of onsite SEO.

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