6 ways to drive more customers to your business using content marketing

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Content marketing is not just writing a blog, it can be so much more. It has been generating quite a lot of interest over the last few years.

You may not have a big corporate marketing budget, but you do have an advantage though by living in the community.

You will need to start with the basics first, and then build from there keeping costs to a minimum level.

1 Set up a blog for your website.

The second thing you should do after building a website is, set up a blog. Many businesses will find that there blog is one of the main drivers of organic search traffic to their website.

The length of blog posts can vary from 500 to several 1000 words. I would aim for most of your blogs to have at least 1000 words, make sure that you have some with more. The more blog content you have, the better your chances of being found by customers, whether they’re local or not. If you want to gain more local traffic concentrate your blogging on local issues.

For a blog to be be truely successful you will need somewhere to promote it. This is where social media comes in.

2 Build Social Media Profiles and Pages

Social media content is the only content more popular than blog content. With so many social media users it makes sense to create and promote content here.

It does not all of it have to be original. You can use social channels to promote long-form blog posts.

That covers some of the content, but you will need more. Social media is a great place to bring together content from other sites. This helps you come off as less salesy and promotional. Just be sure to stick to your brand story.

3 Join forces with other local businesses

Content Marketing, creating online content can be taken a step further. Consider partnering with other local businesses to build off each other’s brands for an effective content marketing solution.

Backlinks to your website help your SEO. Here’s a breakdown from Searchmetrics that shows how many backlinks the top search results have.

By joining with local businesses, you can gain backlinks to each other’s sites.This will help Google see that you’re part of a trusted network of local businesses instead of just a solo act. These type of relationships are called a synergy, where both businesses will benefit.

Start thinking about the businesses local to you, that you could approach about working together.

4 Get your business confirmed on mapping platforms.

We have been concentrating on content marketing, but do not ignore online properties that include your local contact information. Claiming your business on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, and similar sites will help local customers find your business.

The social aspect of these platforms means your customers will contribute to the brand story. With Facebook and Foursquare, you can enable check-ins and badges. On Yelp, you can respond to customer reviews.

When people look up your business online, no matter which platform you are on, there should be branded content. They should look similar and be recognisable as being from your brand.

These mapping platforms also provide contact information and extend your brand voice and reach. Good or bad, these mapping platforms can create a brand story of their own. If you are not sure about posting content onto your Google Business page then you really need to grab a copy of Google Business Page posting guide, it is only £11 what a bargain.

5 Remain Consistent.

We have touched on this above. Keep that passion in your brand, and remain consistent across all channels. Your enthusiasm will make the content resonate and keep it authentic.

6 Build a content calendar and event schedule.

Start with a white board or calendar and start scheduling blog posts, social media promotion, and other content well in advance.

This type of approach gives you flexibility. Helping you to be more proactive, a content calendar gives you an overview of your content creation process. It also make sit easy to make changes to content, track what is working, and reschedule.


Content marketing is usually mentioned in the context of huge mega-corporations. But local businesses benefit from content marketing the most.

Using the right content, you form local connections with your neighbours that a big faceless corporation simply can’t create.

Content marketing is how you provide value to the local community, whether it’s educational or entertaining (or both).

With the few simple processes we have discussed, you can make content marketing a win for your business, especially among the locals.

What types of local content have you created? What works best for your industry?

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