Must have Keywords for small shops, cafes, salons, boutiques and other Small Local Businesses.

Updated: May 16, 2021

I often get asked about how to get a small business found online. All businesses should look at their keywords. Check out the phrases that you currently have on your website, and those that you are using in your social media posts. Are they right for your business? are they attracting the right crowd to you? Time to think about some MUST have keywords for your small business....

1 Local Business Keywords.

If you are a small business attracting your clients and customers from your local area, then these examples are perfect for you. Think about your main product or service, it would normally be your most profitable too. Also think about your location. Then put the two together, think about the various ways people might search for these. It might be 'gel nails Derby' or 'cream cakes Walsall' or mix the words around a bit 'Walsall cream cakes'. Some areas are huge so think about how far people will travel. You might need to just include the local suburb, but if people will travel for miles for what you have to offer your Local Keywords might include your county. I have a whole blog on Local Business SEO if you are interested in learning more.

2 Product/Service Keywords

These will probably be obvious but you really need to be using the products and services that you offer as keywords and phrases. But don't just stick to the ones that you like or use in your business. Think about what other people and businesses might be using that mean the same thing. For example 'Gel nails' 'gel manicure' 'gel polish' 'shellac nails' are all really referring to the same thing. Or 'Birthday Cake' 'Celebration Cake' 'Cakes for Birthdays' By ignoring one phrase might mean missing out on clients.

3 Look for something a bit more obscure.

Looking for less used keywords, will be a huge benefit.
Look for more obscure keywords

Big businesses and companies will spend lots of money, on design and optimisation to make sure they appear front and centre. But as a small business you can slip in to the gaps that they leave, you can react quicker to new trends and changes in the market. Use some of the more obscure phrases that these big businesses will just ignore. There might not be so many people looking for these things, but there will also be much less competition for these too. This ties in well with the local keywords above. 'Drizzle Icing cakes' might be your speciality, so make sure that you shout about them. Creating your keyword phrases to suit what people might search. 'Drizzle Icing Birthday Cake' 'Chocolate Drizzle iced cake' Remember keywords can be more than one word, and add your local search keywords too.

4 'Best Coffee Near me' 'Cafe near me'

These 'near me' type searches are really common, everyone is searching while out and about on their phones. So think about these when you create your online content too. You cannot really add the exact phrases into all of your content as it would not make a lot of sense. But you can share a client review that might say '........ serves the best coffee near me'

However these keywords are really about your locality, and local keywords. So think about how you can include relevant phrases example : 'Here at the Bakehouse Cafe we endeavour to offer you the best coffee we can'

Things to remember:

Do not stuff your content with keywords so that it makes very little sense.

Think about where your clients and customers are travelling from.

Think about targeting the more obscure phrases.

Remember you use keywords everywhere, not just on your website. Think about your social media, blogs, Google my Business page and newsletters too.

If you need any help with keyword research or anything to do with your online marketing just send me an email

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