Which should I use for my Small Business, Personal Profile or Facebook Business Page?

Which should I use for my Small Business, Personal Profile or Facebook Business Page?

Your business needs to be treated like a business. Nowhere is this more true than on Facebook.

Personal Profile or Facebook Page?

Do you know the difference?

Well if you have friends then it’s a profile and if you have fans then you’re a page.

I know that there are still lots of people who are resistant to moving over from a personal profile to a proper business page. Mostly they are worried that their posts won’t be seen as much, they can’t message people as easily and they want to be able to add people to their page.

Let’s stop this right here and now. If you don’t have a proper business page then you need to sign up for one. Now. It’s simple, free and essential for many good reasons.

If you are operating a business via a personal profile (for example you’re calling yourself Nicki ‘Beautiful Nails’ Smith), then you are breaking Facebook’s rules and they could just close your account, without any warning. You will lose all of your photos, contacts, information and videos GONE! I hear of people losing everything just like that all of the time. It is not worth the risk, you really just need to follow the rules.

There are good reasons, to have a proper page anyway.

To begin with if you’ve any aspirations of really smashing it on Facebook, then you’re going to want to run some ads at some point. This is only really possible with a business page. You are still associated via your personal account.

As already mentioned if want to be treated like a business and have a professional outlook a proper Facebook business page does this. I think that using your personal profile just makes it look like it is a hobby. If you want people to hand their hard-earned money over to you then you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd.

Looking professional is very much a part of that. Having a proper business page looks more professional - even if you’re starting out with only a handful of likes.

Claire x

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