Plan for Website Success at difficult times. Things small business can do to improve their website.

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Plan for website success at difficult times
Plan for website success at difficult times

Plan for your website success... It’s tough for businesses right now. Sadly only business owners that change and adapt will make it out of the other side of a downturn. Use the downtime wisely invest in yourself, and make changes, and you will thrive in the future.

1 Content Marketing

Content Marketing is about having the right information on your website that customers are looking for. When customers are spending time browsing the internet, your business needs to be right in front of them.

Content gets you website right up in the search engine rankings, and ultimately helps you convert them into purchasers. Creating new content regularly that is on topic and is subtly selling to your customers will not only help you now, but even more in the future.

Five key points to help you with your content marketing over the next few weeks:

1 Quality content needs to be interesting, topical and unique. It needs to expand awareness for you business and enhance your customers' experience.

2 Review your old content, give it a refresh or delete if things have now changed and its not relevant.

3 How can your business help your customers? Think about how you and your business can help your customers. Produce content about how your business will benefit them and why they should choose you.

4 Finally, keep updating, creating and updating. There will never be too much content. Just keep it relevant to your business.

2 Social Media

When lots of people are at home the one place that they remain active is Social Media!

You will never see a bigger active audience, so make the most of it.

1 Use Visuals

Videos, images and infographics need to be eye catching. Its what people want to see, and will grab their attention.

2 Be Transparent

Let your followers know what is going on at all times. Opening hours, stock delievries etc.

3 Communicate

When people are engaging with your content, embrace it. Reply to comments and messages.

4 Build Anticipation

Sharing your plans is essential to keep people loyal. Give dates for your followers to look forward to. Keep people talking.


Help Google and other search engines to understand your business, and increase your visibility.

Getting your website up the rankings will increase your traffic now and create an online presence for years to come.

Here are 4 things you can do:

1 Monitor keyword performance to see how your SEO is working and make changes to get higher up the rankings.

2 Write up some original and relevant blog ideas to gain traffic to your site. It is important to stand out at difficult times.

3 Improve on page optimisation to enhance user experience and respond to what they are searching for. Exceed your customers high expectations.

4 Research Find new ways to improve your presence.

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