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Virtual Assistant Services

These can be very varied. Anything that I can work on for you remotely from my home for your business, can come under these services.  I can do ad hoc pieces of work or regular monthly or weekly tasks. Below are some of the main services that I offer, but my Virtual Assistant Services page will break things down into more detail. 

Social Media Content Creation and Scheduling

Do you often feel like you are talking to yourself on Social Media? Do you often find yourself sitting at your computer know that you need to write some interesting content to share to your clients, but have no idea where to start? Would you like more engagement and interaction with your posts? Do you feel like you are wasting your time, that could be better spent helping your clients? Does the techies stuff just feel too hard? Do you just hate writing your social media posts? 

I have a few options for sorting out your social.

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Mailing List Set up, and Newsletter creation.

Mailing lists and newsletters are a great way to build know like and trust ​with potential clients and customers. It is something that you own and have control of. You can share tips, things about your business, and use as a sales tool. 

Local Business Marketing

There are lots of aspects to consider when marketing your business to the local area. If you have a look through my blogs you will find lots of great into over there that will help you on your journey. 

But as small businesses you have to focus your time in the right places to make the most of your own skill set. I am not an icky salesman. I am not pushy, but I know that I can often do things quicker and easier than you. So you should outsource the things that you cannot do, otherwise you will just be wasting time. Time that could be better spent in your business elsewhere. Below are some of the main Local Marketing things that I cover, there are more details over on my Local Business Marketing Page. 

Website Reviews

A website review is the best place to start, when considering improving your online presence. The information you get back can help you to make decisions going forward. When I start working for any client I check out the current online presence, looking at website ranking on Google is so important. Also how your website looks and works on a mobile device. Google is very hot on mobile first in its searches now. This industry relies heavily on local clientele so Google local ranking is so important. I can definitely help you to improve your ranking, and aim to get you into the 3 pack for your area. 

Would you like to start off simply, do a few things for yourself? Take a look at my DIY Website Review

SEO for Websites

SEO is what really helps you to get found online. After having a website review this a great second step. It is a long term strategy for growing your online presence. Grab my 10 point SEO checklist to give you a taster. Working on your SEO is all about making Google love your website. So that it knows what your site is all about, who will be interested in it and who it will help. 

Blogging and Content Marketing

Creating great content on your website will make a huge difference to your website traffic. Whether you want to get more visitors to your premises or to sell more products online. Content will give you more exposure, stamp down your expert authority, and get you more visitors.

Google Business Page Set up and Management

Have you got a Google Business page for your Beauty salon, clothing boutique, cafe or gift shop?


If not you are missing out on traffic from Google searches. Which also means that you are missing out clients and customers. Google business pages will help you get the prime top spot in Google searches, a great way to get ahead of the competition. Find out more